In a certain sense, the developmental history of human civilization is also the history of medical development. From ancient times to the present, one disease after another, and one pestilence after another had imperiled the safety of human life. But, relied on the intelligence, courage and resourcefulness of its own, human being had always overcome those diseases and pestilences, resulting in the continuity of human life till now.
     At present, whereas, accompanied by the deterioration of environment and the variation of viruses, modern medicine is facing a variety of knotty tasks. First of all, the “updating” of diseases is far beyond the imagination, for instance, pernicious diseases such as SARS, avian influenza, AIDS, and others, are still difficult to handle. Second, the effectivity and safety of clinically used medicines are more and more being questioned. As pointed out by Zhu Shi Ne, a famous expert of combing traditional Chinese and western medicine: Although modern medical science has made every effort to treat various diseases by means of consuming expensive cost for unceasingly developing new medicines to replace former ones, but the process of chemical purification and synthesis of new medicine have also become more and more difficult. In addition, some disadvantages, such as functional unicity, untoward side effect and drug-originated diseases, have also made the medical circle awkward and helpless.
     Facing the worldwide task closely related to human health, is it possible to find out an answer to solve this puzzle? Yes, the answer should be affirmative. Chinese medical researchers have found the hope for human health from the treasure-house in their mother land.
    Xiamen Anyu Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute is exactly such an enterprise engaged mainly in the research and development of traditional Chinese medicines, the application of approval number for Chinese patent drugs, and has developed, up-to-now, the Anyu’s series of several hundred miraculous medicines. This unique achievement should offer significant contribution for the competitive capacity of traditional Chinese medicine in the worldwide medicinal circle.
     The curative effect is the sole criterion for evaluating the quality of medicine. The uniqueness of Anyu’ s miraculous medicines resides in its “Anyu phenomena”, i.e., the patients can feel by themselves the course of toxin and pathogen expelling, and can experience every progressive step of the entire process from illness to recovery

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